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My  name is Olivia Herman and I'm a licensed massage therapist specializing in fascial and connective tissue manipulation. I also offer classes and workshops that inspire people to improve their lives through better body awareness. 

In 2010, my career as a sports oriented massage therapist began. I didn’t know at the time that my style of bodywork would render such remarkable results. While working at a physical therapy clinic, I treated a client who was an ultra-runner. He feared he would never run competitively again after surgery on his Achilles tendon. Together, we devised the best treatment plan to get him back on the trail competing. In 2013, he set a course record at the Western States 100-mile race and was named Ultra-Runner of the Year by Ultra-Running Magazine. 


Many of the runners, rock climbers, and cyclists that I treated in my private practice sought out my skills for improved athletic performance and injury rehab. After moving from Flagstaff to Tucson, I opened up my practice to the Tucson community. My clientele began to change from competitive athletes and weekend warriors to a more universal spectrum of clients, and in 2021 I wanted to expand my skills as a restorative therapist. Inspired by the profound effects of the techniques developed by one of my instructor’s, Layna Cirelli, I embarked on a private apprenticeship with her.  As I began weaving her style in with my own, I observed that the results felt by my clients were longer lasting than those offered with traditional massage. 


A request that I started receiving from my more diverse clientele was their desire to prolong the effects that they were experiencing. In order to provide them with something that they could incorporate outside of my treatment room, I started offering body awareness and fascial stretching workshops. The positive feedback that I've received from my workshops is currently driving me into the role of an instructor. With open hearted guidance, I continue to improve my clients lives by facilitating full body empowerment.


When I’m not working with clients, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, and hiking. Twice a year I try to backpack in areas of Arizona, especially the Grand Canyon, or Southern Utah. I always bring a watercolor or sketch journal to document the beauty around me while experiencing the outdoors. 

"Olivia has helped me gain confidence and knowledge about my body; especially how to honor and carry it throughout the rest of the day." 

- Tana K

Olive Tree


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