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Education & Experience 

My experience working with clients for more than 13 years has been my most important teacher. The continuing education I pursue is specifically sought to support my clients needs and pique my interests. Therefore, I prefer to enroll in classes that offer a smaller class size so that the information I'm receiving remains rich, and not diluted, as is the case with many larger classes and in-person certification programs.


  • Graduated in 2009 from Arizona School of Integrative Studies - 750-hour program

  • Completed 150+ hours of continuing education focused on injury/surgery recovery,

      sports massage, and pain management.

  • Completed 250 hours of an exclusive one-on-one apprenticeship with a Certified

      Structural Integrator.

  • Continuing mentorship with the Structural Integrator mentioned above.

  • Continued self-learning with interests in sports injury rehab, postural assessment, and

      pain management.



  • Three years working as a rehabilitative manual therapist in a physical therapy setting.

  •  More than nine years cultivating a sports-oriented private practice working primarily with

       world-class distance runners and cyclists, advanced rock climbers, jiu jitsu martial artists,         backpacking/river guides, and weekend warriors.


My work is influenced and inspired by the following:


Kelly Starett DPT

Aaron Horschig DPT

David Grey DPT

Nick Torres DPT

Layna Cirelli - Certified Structural Integrator

Tom Myers - Founder Anatomy Trains

Ida Rolf- Developer of Rolfing

Judith Aston

Mary Bond

Leon Chaitow

Janet Travell

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